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About Blue Screen Gaming

A PC Gaming Center

PC Gaming Center

BlueScreen Gaming Center, we are the premiere PC gaming center (LAN center) in West Los Angeles.

Come in and experience the quality builds of our gaming PC gaming stations.


Oh the Places you’ll go.


Blue Screen Gaming Center Imagine an inconceivable future, full of uncertainty and wonder…


What comes to your mind when you think about a Gaming Center? Curiosity? Excitement? Maybe anticipation; in which lie both great fears, and a great opportunity. Whatever the future may hold, it won’t be possible without innovation. And that’s where we come in.

we’re the gaming center

Blue Screen Gaming, We’re not another gaming center; we’re the gaming center. Devoted to stand apart from wide-spread mediocrity. Our objective is to give the consumer what they couldn’t imagine was possible: superior gaming. Without the hefty price tag superiority demands. We’re here to raise the proverbial bar, and demand that excellence becomes the new standard!

Our humble origins

Our humble origins were conceived in the heart of Los Angeles here in Culver City. Tired of settling for what computer gaming had to offer, we set out to better our own experiences. Beginning with friends sharing little adaptations with each other on how to better game, and soon telling any-and-all what we discovered: that superior gaming doesn’t have to come at an outrageous price. It was only a matter of time before we knew we had to spread that message to our fellow gamers across the land.
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Gaming Center

The Blue Screen Gaming Center

A gaming center is the best representation of our vision today. Our first project in this world that’s given us the love and affection we didn’t dare to dream was possible. Which we feel a responsibility towards, to better as we stand at its forefront. That’s where we’ll begin, and this is where we are now. With ideas, plans and hopes of pushing past what we’ve been told are the limits! And we’re asking for your help to achieve these goals. We promise excellence in all we’ve promised. The future of gaming: better graphics, smoother gameplay, unending awe, and submersion/escape into an alternate reality!

Blue Screen Gaming, excellence should be the standard.