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Battlefield 4 CPU Usage

So while getting everything setup to start streaming games for BSG I encountered a major issue though one that has a solution….

Battlefield CPU usage is horrible unless you have a nice high end CPU like I do….. but NO! even with a high end CPU if you want to stream high quality video (with this will also put a heavy load on your CPU and make your battlefield lag!



This is not acceptable!

Fear not there is a solution  *****Warning Advanced users ONLY******  …..or find someone techy to help you( Johnsons Computers)


– Go to Regedit
– Select Edit > Find… and find this key: ” 0cc5b647-c1df-4637-891a-dec35c318583 ”
– Within this key, there is a value called: ” ValueMax ” This value represents the % number of cores the system will park
– Change the value of ” ValueMax” to 0 so that, it matches ” ValueMin ”

Then restart your computer, While CPU usage will still be high it will not cause you to lag while streaming your game.

I definitely recommend having an I7 at the very least for this.