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The Diablo 3 experience for most players is either the enjoyment of the grind or competition. Some people come back every season to work on their seasonal journey to get their extra stash tab. Having an extra stash is extremely convenient for the players who tend to horde all their potentially usable items. When extra stashes were not introduced, some players would make extra characters as banks to hold their extra gear. Now players don’t have to waste all that time to go on an alt to get certain items. Good thinking Blizzard!

It is suggested to join an active clan to progress faster for casual or competitive play. Clan members are more likely to help fellow clan mates to complete conquests or help powerleveling alts.

R.N.G. God is the most frustrating part of the Diablo 3 world. You may be wondering what is R.N.G.? It stands for random number generator. It is what players refer to when they are searching, grinding for gear or spending thousands of their blood shards on Kadala’s wears. Many players always have that one item that they are spending countless shards on or grinding Greater Rifts to find. Hence it is highly recommended to play in a group so that you can share loot.

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