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Season 10 is almost here! With every end and beginning of a season there are couple of changes to the game that developers make to tease the Diablo community. Diablo fans patch 2.5 just dropped on Tuesday, March 21st. How is everyone enjoying the game? If you want to see the patch notes please click the link here. Otherwise here are some interesting changes to the game.


The biggest changes to the Diablo with the drop of patch 2.5 is the introduction of Materials storage, the Build storage and Primal Ancients. The materials storage is extremely convenient. It takes all of your crafting materials and store it in another dedicated storage space. It can be accessed on the bottom left of your inventory box. An anvil icon is placed on the left of your blood shard counts and you click it to see how much materials you have. This is nice for the players that have amassed an abundant amount of crafting materials. They can have that space freed up and used for gear or other things. The materials that was transferred to the Materials Storage are the bounty mats, hellfire mats, death’s breath, forgotten souls, your standard white, blue and yellow mats. If you wish to extract a legendary power to the Kanai’s cube you can just click the fill button located on the bottom of the mats needed list and if you have the available mats the game will auto fill the cube with the needed mats. I personally had a full stash tab full of materials so it helped me quite a bit.


The wardrobe build storage is great. This new addition to the game is a big closet located next to your player stash. It allows you to change between a farming set to a great rift group or solo set with the click of a button. You just have to wear your build initially to save it as a set. There are a total of five set slots and you can override any at anytime. All of your legendary gems and gear will switch out. Although all of your gear changes, it is still necessary to change and adjust paragon levels for your build priority.


Lastly the addition of the Primal Ancient to the game. Much like its counterpart, the Ancient gear. The Primal Ancient adds a tad more to the game. It is much harder to find Primal Ancients because a player must first clear a solo GR 70 before the Primal Ancients will even drop. After the player have unlock the ability to get Primal Ancients they are much more rare to find then Ancients. So it’ll be awhile before people can get a full set of Primal Ancient gear. The good news is that Primal Ancient will roll with maximum status for the gear. So if it rolls critical hit chance, it will have a perfect 10% or whatever the gear’s maximum CHC.


There are other small changes to the game aside from the three newly introduced additions. When players deconstruct a legendary gear it can yield more forgotten souls depending on what kind of legendary. Standard legendaries will still yield one forgotten soul, whereas ancient gear will yield three and primal ancients will yield a massive ten. There are also a couple of buffs/nerfs to legendary items and sets. Come to BSG and check out the new Diablo 2.5 Patch!