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As many of us Diablo 3 fans already know the current season for Diablo is coming to an end on this upcoming Friday, March 17th, 2017. This is the period in which all of your seasonal characters are transferred to your nonseasonal realm. The transfer includes characters, legendaries, mats, nonseasonal achievements and discoveries.

During this transfer period many players will be struggling to dismantle old legendaries to make space for their new gear. Many players may horde all their potentially usable legendaries in their newly acquired stash tab. Although this season many players will have already acquired all the obtainable stash tabs.

Managing space for stash tabs can be a tricky task for some players. Luckily for players that have tons of crafting materials. This upcoming patch, the Diablo developers helped the players by providing a separate storage space for crafting materials. So all your reusable parts, arcane dust, death’s breath, veiled crystals, forgotten souls, cache mats and essences will have their own spot in the new storage. This will free up much needed space for all the potential ancient legendaries that people have on their storage toons.

With the necromancer lowdown from Blizzard today. We are shown some interesting abilities along with purchase perks. 2 Stash tabs, 2 character slots, in-game pet, a peanut, banner, sigil and portrait frame. For more information on Necromancers visit here.

All of us Diablo fans will be anticipating the new season which start on the 31st of this month. As well as the introduction of the Primal Ancients.