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Although a little late to the game, season 9 for Diablo 3 has started. Like every season I tried to research all the different strengths of different classes before selecting the optimum class. Since I am your average casual player, it is hard for me to play a class that is too squishy or dependent on other players. Selecting a powerful damage class with average or good survivability is a must for me.
If you are uncertain what class to pick, there are many different sites that offer builds for different classes. Some sites also give a rating for survivability and Meta push. Armed with that information you can choose what kind of class you want to play. It also helps you to pick the best class to play for solo or groups.
Every season my main objective is to finish the Conqueror tier of the seasonal journey for that extra stash tab. In case you are not aware of what the seasonal journey is, then let me quickly explain. A seasonal journey is a set objectives that you must accomplish in order to gain in-game rewards like seasonal portraits, pts, and stashes. There are many different tiers to each objectives, starting with easy ones and progressing to difficult objectives that must be accomplished in groups. When a player finishes the Act I-IV objectives they are awarded a complete set of gear that is randomly selected before the start of each season. This set can only be awarded to the player’s first class that finishes the Act I-IV objectives.
The hardest part of every season is to gear your first character. Some builds require an array of specific gear that is tedious to obtain. Without certain items, it is hard to push to higher difficulties for the game. Of course, there are communities that will help each other and play it forward. My personal favorites are Seasonal Power levelling, where people help each other level 1-70 in almost no time. This helps starting players save a ton of time so they can start working on their progression builds. Another great community is Conquest since seasonal journey requires people to finish two conquest achievements, it is easier to ask for help in the community. Lastly, if you are farming for materials, the Bounties and Rifts community are great places to group with other people. Players can go into public games, but I find it hard sometimes as there are many players that tend to A.F.K. (Away from keyboard) or are not geared enough for the difficulty.
Come to our center and enjoy Diablo 3 and Season 9!