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Part I.

Some personal background:

It’s fair to say that video games provide a sense of escape. Possibly the most efficient recreational way available to us today. I’ve lived in the shoes of superheroes, villains, demons, gods. As an Italian plumber on a crazed journey fueled by elusive mushrooms; as a blue hedgehog obsessed with chasing lines of gold rings and emeralds. (See an emerging pattern here..?)

Interest have to be fueled by the right mixture of challenge, intrigue and reward to keep them from waning. Which is what happened to my love of gaming somewhere along the years. I went from logging over a hundred hours in Final Fantasy X (2001), to not playing for months at a time. The games I credit to keeping my interests alive are Call of Duty: MWII; The Elders Scrolls V: Skyrim; and Final Fantasy IX.

Ah Final Fantasy IX… Evoking a sense of nostalgia from my childhood, the memory of a summer afternoon more than a decade removed from today. When the Plastation logo faded to the melody which would get ingrained in my mind as a pleasant curious memory. When I moved the cursor to “New Game” and began a journey as a thief with a strange tail, and an even stranger tale.

Few games have impacted me like so, which is why I consider myself a “casual gamer” bordering on “infrequent”. Till recently.

Elite: Dangerous

About The Game:

This is the image that demanded my full attention and curiosity at the LAN event Press Start 2015 Irvine. I had to find out what this thing; that may as well have been magic; was! Being somewhat familiar with flight simulation games, I failed to see their allure. I’ve never dreamt of flying, I’ve dreamt of exploring other galaxies! Which Elite: Dangerous opened my eyes to, and just made possible.

Elite Dangerous is available for purchase from their website here!