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The legacy of creator of the Final Fantasy Hironobu Sakaguchi lives on! With the newest installment of the series: Final Fantasy Type-0! (Sakaguchi resigned from Square Enix in 2004 to establish his Mistwalker Corporation.) Though to be realistic “new” is a loosely based term when it comes to Square Enix, as this is a remake of a Play Station Portable title released in October 2011, though exclusively in Japan.

((Skip to paragraph three, unless you’d like to read some Square Enix bashing from an annoyed fan/avid supporter.))

And how can we die-hard fans forget the yet-to-be released, 2006 announced Final Fantasy Versus XIII; rechristened Final Fantasy XV; which will FINALLY be demoed with FF Type-0, yet with no release date in sight. Or Kingdom Hearts 3, which I can’t really care for anymore, I held out hope as long as a gamer should, but there are WAAAY too many other quality games that I can be playing. Seriously Square, your name shouldn’t be an instruction on how your company is portrayed in the gaming world. I understand the number of game sales have gone down dramatically, but even I with my limited business    experience can come up with a few ideas to boost sales:

An FFVII remake! Remember that one game you guys sold really well? It was genre defining, and put Final Fantasy up there on the echelon with the best of them?! A remake of that would sell very well, maybe not as much as when you all teased us a few years back with that 15 minute bullshit preview that amounted to nothing. Still, I would buy it, as I imagine many others would. While we’re at it, a remake of Final Fantasy IX would have me praising Jenova, Garland, and whomever else, kupo.. GET ON IT! Rather than making stale titles such as Final Fantasy XIII-2.

I had to remind myself that I was supposed to be reviewing how Final Fantasy Type-0 will be, based on released footage HERE So, it looks amazing, which I’ve said about most all Final Fantasy titles, with the exception of XII and XIII-2. To be fair though, I’ve been a fan of this game since 2011, when I eagerly awaited its release on the PSP or even the VITA, which is apparently not going to happen either. Another disappointment, though I’m not a complete cynic, I am excited to be able to play the title at all, since my mastery of the Japanese language ends with whatever phrases I can mimic from Dragon Ball Z.

Here’s what caught my eye and interest from FF Type-0:


The battle system! Seems like Square is continuing the battle system originating from their Kingdom Hearts titles ((Feel free to correct me, and call me a moron if I’m wrong.)); and going on through Final Fantasy XIII, which had a damn good combat system! With an emphasis on controlling a single person for an almost real time attack, while giving you options to physically strike or use magic or whatever the individual character’s special abilities are. Rather than controlling the entire team, with the previously established turn-based system no longer in use. This makes the battles faster and gives them an organic, spontaneous feel, definitely a plus!

The shadow themes were intriguing form the very first trailer to debut for the PSP, the look and feel; strictly from the trailers and pre-released gameplay; is DARK! Reminiscent of Final Fantasy VII and VIII.

The World map returns!! It just doesn’t feel like a Final Fantasy title without the world map, as much as I loved FFX; the first title to abandon this long standing tradition; there was only a singular road to travel on. No world to explore, no random battles or mysterious places to discover or unlock. This is rectified in Final Fantasy Type-0, and I look forward to seeing how Square’s put it together along with…

The (expected but) always pleasant return of familiar characters: chocobos, moogles, Cid etc.

Overall the game looks to be an interesting play, I hope it’s what I’ve been expecting all these years. And if not, there is Final Fantasy XV to look forward to.

Final Fantasy: Type-0 is available to purchase now on the PS4 & XBOne, here on Square Enix’s official page, online, and at your local game retail stores.