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The long awaited Final Fantasy XV demo is finally upon us at!  And the initial reaction is nothing short of breathtaking to say the least:


The familiar feel of an FF series with updated features for the new generation of consoles was expected; but how damn good it would end up being, was unfathomable! The music is melodious in the trailer, fluctuating between soft and soothing while traveling, and fast and invigorating during battle. In the game-play demo the characters are seen having conversations while just exploring the Calm Lands 2.0, with all of the giving Noctis advice, hints, and pointing out potential clues that will lead the quest further!

The valley where the characters start out is vast. I mean Skyrim vast! I was disappointed in the Calm Lands of FFX; despite being the biggest open area of the game, there wasn’t much to do or explore. But that is now two generations of consoles removed from the superior valley seen in FFXV. Infested with monsters and detail alike; I can already picture myself spending hours and hours going around, feeding my OCD demon while inspecting every detail, and talking to every AI character.


The biggest change to the series would have to be the real time battles! Seems Square decided to ditch the old turn based attack system, for something a LOT of us Final Fantaseers have wanted for years! I’m sure a lot of fans will be disappointed from this transitions, but all change isn’t bad and if there was any time to do alter the fighting system, it’s NOW! Why?


Simply because all games seem to be moving towards a more strategic approach! Recently playing Battlefield 3 for the first time; having been a Call of Duty aficionado; I noticed their new class system. Allowing you to assign your character specialty skills from one of four choices: support, assault, recon and engineer. This makes the game a lot different from your average shooter, including strategic elements into the game means more variety! More thought goes into how the game will be played; and inadvertently less going into insulting your mother. Now how are the Battlefield classes different from RPG classes? Likening: “assault” to knights, with their superior attack; “recon” to mages, attacking from afar; “engineers” to rogues/thieves, with their close range attacks and slightly better defense; and “support” to healers, cause they heal, stupid. Pay attention!

The gaming community is ever expanding so it’s logical that Final Fantasy would want their next installment to have: a versus battle system (separate from the main story line), online playability, and replay value! And real time gaming allows for all of that plus more! As much as I’ve replayed various FF titles, they do get monotonous, especially while grinding to reach higher levels! Here’s hoping this solves that, and turns out to be the Final Fantasy I’ve always imagined!

Final Fantasy XV will be available for release for the PS4 & XBOne God/Jenova/Yevon knows when..