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Hands on Experience with Star Wars Battlefront

You and your battle ready comrades wait at the exit of the hanger. Past the hangar door you hear loud explosions, screams of people, not knowing if it’s your allies or enemies, the sound of machinery sieging towards you.

The hangar doors open and you get blinded by the sun light you and have some glare on your screen adding some realism to the game.

You exit the hangar and all hell breaks loose laser flashing left and right men in white armor marching toward you with towering machinery, the AT-ATs the pride and strength of the Galactic Empire.

Trenches and turrets laid everywhere preventing the AT-ATs to grasp a hold of the rebel base in the snowy and icy mountains of Hoth.

This is my hands on experience.

Across the icy plains of Hoth I waged war against the wretched rebel scum in a 20 vs. 20 game mode where I had been task to capture objectives.

When I first spawned I was dressed in all white armor next to me was a colossal walker known as the AT-AT I quickly realized I was on the side of the Galactic Empire.

In my first attempts I mostly admired the beautiful environment, the graphics where phenomenal.

Just seeing the explosions and the snow rise up with the smoke made me feel I was actually in a battlefield.

The sound quality was also amazing from blaster fire that spewed out of your gun and the sound of sparks when the you hit someone to the war machines that roared as they passed me it felt as if I was right next to war machines.

The music made the gameplay more intense with its classic star wars songs.

In my second attempt after I’d praised the marvelous environment and music it was time for Hoth to be under imperial control.

As I proudly marched across the map with my fellow soldiers and the AT-AT I came across some rebels and opened fire the shooting was smooth and solid the recoil and flow of the gun fire was fluid and it was satisfying when you would see a rebel drop to the ground from your bullets.

There are a handful of perks and weapons to play around with; in weapons there is the heavy machine gun (my personal favorite), which allows you to spray a large quantity of lasers at the enemy in an instant.

Then there was the standard assault rifle where if you press if once it will fire a shot and if you hold it it will shoot numerous rounds, and last average pistol.

All weapons carry four attributes damage, rate of fire, and cooling power.

You don’t run out of ammo the guns just overheat when the meter reaches to the max

During my play time I notice there weren’t classes you can choose from but had a premade set of perks you can pick from there were two sets one had the jet pack, grenade launcher, and a ion shot (stun shot).

The second had a thermal detonator, personal shield, and an orbital strike (air strike),

The objectives of the game was simply both sides had to fulfill certain missions like uplink terminals that projected the symbol of the proud faction you are sided with.

What I liked about my experience was how chaotic it was with the orbital strikes to the color of the lasers flashes left and right it really felt like I was in the Star Wars universe in the movie we don’t see an in depth wars but Battlefront shows how the war would be in the movies.

What I also liked was the flow of the fight and how I felt small as I ran across the battlefield while there were towering AT-ATs and AT-STs. as I proudly marched down to the rebel base with war machines besides me and TIE fights above me we eventually took control over the rebel base and won. My experience with Star Wars Battlefront was spectacular and worth taking a look at.