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No one likes to pay for free-to-play/freemium games, instead we search for alternatives. Again and again I changed the date/time, back and forth on my phone to get more lives in Candy Crush. Feeding my addiction with the pretty colors, and the moot sense of accomplishment as I climbed the endless ladder of levels. Twice I got to the highest levels possible (375, and 655) only to realize my folly and deleted the game.

I paid to increase the number of possible lives one could have at a time from five to ten, but not once for power ups to simply pass a difficult level. That’s not gaming, that’s cheating! Which gamers used to have codes for! Not like moral codes, actual codes you could enter to get farther ahead..

Which brings me to Hearthstone. Yet another Blizzard game for player to immerse themselves in. Allowing players twelve heroes to choose from (nine free, and three available for purchase) each possessing their own respective abilities and card types to duel with.

Well familiar with the strategy, Blizzard’s crafted the perfect mixture of:

Frustration – of not having the cards you swear you’ll be able to dominate with. And at how slowly new cards are acquired by simply playing.

Disappointment – at how slowly new cards are gained.

Accomplishment – at winning a cleverly played game; of getting new/better cards.

Rage – at losing the game a hair away from winning!!!

All of which eventually leads to wanting and buying card packs! Which I’ve done several time now. Did I feel it was worth it though? Yes.

I judge shelling out moolah based on how much entertainment said game/film/musician has provided me. If I plan to keep playing the game, then why not support those who made it, while simultaneously increasing my own gaming experience.

I don’t like the fact that Blizzard’s made it so cards can’t be traded with other players, they’ve replaced that by allowing you to disenchant extra/unwanted cards, and crafting new ones from the gained magical dust. Or the fact that their additional heroes cost $9.99. Come on Blizzard, you can do better than that. Give us a break!

In conclusion, it’s worth supporting Hearthstone and bettering your experience if you enjoy the game. Even though I used Candy Crush as an example to make point about freemium games, Hearthstone is different. As it doesn’t lock you out of the game if you run out of lives, forcing you to either wait or pay. But without paying at least some money for better cards, your experience will be limited as you slowly accumulate better ones by doing quests.

Hearthstone is available for PC, Play Store, and the Apple Store now!