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When first trying a few matches in League of Legends, I compared it to interactive more in-depth version of chess. Having played many more matches since, I can now distinguish between the two more accurately. LoL gives you a chance to control of one of the power pieces of Chess; in which you have control of the whole battlefield. So I still relate the games to each other, at least in sense they’re both strategic, with LoL’s advantages coming from keeping a sharp eye on: your allies, and enemies’ positions, levels, minions, and most importantly yourself! Even as a beginner to the MOBA genre, and to Leagues  (though a fairly above casual gamer all my life), I can see how important it is to be aware of your character’s stats, limitations, power ups, and add-on’s weapons, items etc. And to balance the offense with the defense when engaged in battle!

Many a times have I been slain needlessly! With my reckless charging into the battle: axe swinging, arrow flinging, or magic-inging; I’ve been knocked on my ass, and told to be in time out for the next few –to– too many, seconds till I am allowed respawn. Wonder-frickin-ful..\

The interest is generated by the fun of the game itself, but is maintained by the number of characters to choose from! The fact that the free-to-play ones are available only so long, forces everyone to try out as many as they can in hopes of discovering which might suit them best! As a bonus you can purchase some with XP earned by playing the game itself. Sounds like a fair trade compared to all the shit pay to play games that have flooded the market, and make you feel like you’ve accomplished something by advancing though a game by fattening the creators pockets!!!! ((Breathe slowly..)) I digress.., with enough of an enjoyment return for the investment of my time put in, I’m willing to pay for games, to support the company that gave me the memorable experience, and to have them expand upon the game I’ve come to enjoy.