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Logitech G710+

Wow, that is all I have to say about my Logitech g710+……just Wow


. I am thoroughly disappointed, I gave this keyboard 2 months to get used to and it just feels wrong!

I have always loved Logitech for computer peripherals, but now it is time to venture to other brands! So now I have a CMStorm Trigger Z with Cherry MX Blue keys. I must say this keyboard feels amazing right out of the box and it has some other things I prefer over the Logitech G710+.


First Item up, rubberized frame…..this feels so much better than the hard plastic of the Logitech keyboard and both of these keyboards cost me about the same when I purchased them. Second thing for me is that while the G710+ is lit it is lit with white and while I did not think this would be a big deal when I initially made my purchase it turns out that white back lit keys just do not do it for me, strains my eyes.

The Trigger Z has a perfect blue hue to the keys and makes it far more enjoyable to look at when needed. The click sound of the Cherry MX blue keys also make it far more enjoyable for typing….. honestly best purchase I have made in a long time with peripherals. This all being said I am not against Logitech I still like my G500 mouse I have. Although I wish I could still have my MX18 which was the best mouse I have ever owned to date.

With this keyboard experience though I will no longer be looking at Logitech alone for my future peripheral replacements, and I have been looking around to see what else is out there and I have been impressed. There are a lot of other companies making “Gaming” equipment that looks very nice. It is great to finally have a lot of options for these kinds of things.

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