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Krazy k’s keep koming!

The latest installment in the Mortal Kombat series keep the gratuitous blood flowing! Mortal Kombat X, goes back to devoting their focus on the traditional two person fighting 2d style! A welcomed return from some of the last few of the Netherealm Studios titles:

Injustice: Gods Among Us/MK vs. DC

A damn good release for DC; in which heroes and villains properly beat the living hell out of each other, in the manner we fans always knew them capable of! (Though I still don’t consider a bout between Batman and Superman valid, I don’t care what advantages Bats has, Kal-El is a GOD!) The game was still at least ten times better than Mortal Kombat vs. Justice League. Which sadly was neither an acceptable MK title nor a DC one. The controls felt clumsy, the graphics were subpar, and the DC characters just weren’t badass enough. It seemed NR Studios tried to appease to fans of both universes, and keep the DC roster a little too goody-goody. They rectified their mistake in Injustice, which was an immense relief and damn fun to play!

Mortal Kombat PS3/XB360:

A good game, just hated how slow the gameplay was! The fighters moved as a horribly slow rate, at least as fast as the arcade titles would’ve been acceptable.

Mortal Kombat X:

My review is based on playing on a relatively powerful PC, which of course made the game look even more beautiful! I was in constant awe as the Kombatants flew around the screen, as I aimed forward and pounded random button on my controller! In fact, after an hour of playing I had rekindled my love of the series, which had begun with Mortal Kombat Trilogy on the N64! So much so, that I went out and got another USB controller to be able to play two player matches! So the second player wouldn’t have to resort to a keyboard, which just doesn’t work for fighting games.


The movements are fluid, fast, and freaking awesome! The characters’ in-fight specials, accompanied by a bone crushing animation truly represent what MK is about! K’people with magic/tech/ninja/martial arts abilities getting the shit kicked out of them! The Kustom Kombat mode is exactly what I’ve wanted in every fighting game, especially the ability to speed up the fights! The game is aesthetically pleasing, the colors, shadows, effects of each level, character, and move has been designed to captivate your sights. And isn’t that all we can truly ask of a MK title? Mostly yes, but also no.


Kharacters!!! Where are they Netherealm? I understand that many of them will be DLC, and then maybe a “final” version which includes the DLC’s; and of course digital space concerns within the game but come on. Variety matters in fighting games, and adding five or ten additional Kombatants; familiar faces or new; would’ve kept this fan a lot happier. Try to be less Capcom, and more Super Smash Bros.!

Overall the game is a worth it in my opinion, though I’ll always had a torch lit for MK in my heart. You can’t possibly get everything you want in life, but more importantly in games. What is present in Mortal Kombat X: fast paced gameplay, vivid details, and the ability to customize your matches; outweighs what’s missing; namely additional names on the roster! I wanna play as Noob Saibot, dammit!!