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Blizzard just recently added an additional feature to the World of Warcraft Token or better known as the Wow Token. The Wow Token adds 30 days of play for the subscription based game. Now with the new added feature, the Wow Token can be used to either redeem 30 days of play or add $15USD for the user’s balance.

With the newly added feature, the Wow Token’s in-game price skyrocketed from the player demand. Once the player redeemed the Wow Token to their account, they can utilize that balance to purchase other in-game gifts and services. If gold is more important for you as a player, then you can go to the in game store and purchase a Wow Token for $20USD. Once you purchase the token it will be listed in the in-game auction house for the market price. The current market price for a Wow Token ranges between 80,000 to 100,000 World of Warcraft gold.
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