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Curfew Information

For the protection and safety of all parties involved…

Although our doors will stay open beyond the 10:00pm curfew, minors will not be permitted to use our systems after 10:00pm, or reserve time beyond 10:00pm, unless accompanied by an adult (18 or older), who must remain on the premises.

Game play may be allowed to continue beyond closing time. In order for you to be allowed to stay beyond closing time, you must be inside before the 9 PM or 11 PM closing times. The doors will be locked at closing time. If you must leave the premises for any reason, you will not be allowed re-entry. If you need to take a “smoke” break, do so before the lock down. No exceptions. One non-playing guest may remain on the premises per paying customer.

Who’s Running the Place?

Blue Screen Gaming is owned

We encourage you to visit our shop and meet us. It is important to us that parents know what type of environment their children are enjoying.

While you’re waiting…

We encourage parents to wait for their children on the premises, especially if he or she is under the age of 13. (We are not a daycare service.) It is important to us that you understand the various content your children may see and experience in the games offered at BSG, and what they are viewing on the internet. There is a small waiting area for you to read the paper or a book. Perhaps a pot of coffee can brewed or a cup of tea steeped while you wait. If there is an internet computer available, a special rate of $2.00 per hour has been set aside for “waiting parents”.

How to Contact Your Child at BSG

Feel free to call us anytime you need to get in touch with your child. If we were unable to get to your call, leave a voicemail and we’ll call you right back.Ask for a handy magnetic pad with our phone number on it, or take a couple of business cards to keep in your wallet, purse, or car.

Registration for Minors

Registration is free of charge and is designed to provide our customers, under the age of 18, with access to internet, console, or gaming machines, with parental consent. The parent or guardian must visit BSG with the minor, for the registration process. Once the registration is issued, the parent/guardian will not need to accompany the minor, unless for post-curfew usage.

Registration does not include the discounts or other items affiliated with a regular membership. A registration card, with picture, will be provided to the registrant, for use when he or she comes to BSG. Access to Blue Screen Gaming systems will not be granted if the minor does not present their card – no exceptions. There will be a $2.00 charge to reissue/replace a lost card.

If a registration for your minor child(ren) is not completed, he or she will be restricted to one hour of use per day, on “E” or “T” rated titles only. It is important that parents are aware of the content of many of the “T” and “M” rated titles. Game ratings are explained below or at


Please do not send your child to BSG with your card or number. Neither will be accepted. If paying by credit card, the cardholder must be present. You may, however, prepay a designated number hours for your child, if you do not feel comfortable having them pay in cash.