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Rocket League is Amazing!

I don’t even like car games and I find this game to be completely amazing.  This game seems similar to Blast Ball announced by Nintendo at E3. I have to admit that at the time it sounded terrible, having played this game I now believe I might enjoy that game as well.



Imagine a soccer match but using cars…. seems like it would be rather simple. Largely this game is simple but the mechanics allow for highly complex maneuvering which really makes the game play incredible and new with every match. Then there is the excellently done customization of the cars you play as you can see above I have my car setup just the way I want! it’s pretty enjoyable as you keep playing to unlock more and more things that you can add to your car and customization’s to change its look. (as you can see below)



Talk about fun! The multiplayer in this game is down right addictive. Hands down one of the best games to play multiplayer with your friends with of all time, and I have played a lot of games…. but for simple and enjoyable Rocket League has it done right. The boosts that are placed around the map make it really fun to blast around trying to score on the enemy team or to speed as fast as you can to make a block on the other side of the field! This game is a must!