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South Park The Fractured But Whole

South Park The Fractured But Whole was announced by series creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker, at this year’s pre E3 Ubisoft conference:


As a day two fan of the show since (a year after its debut) back in 1998, this game (and its 2014 predecessor) are everything I’ve wanted in a South Park game since I played “South Park” on N64 in 1999!


The cleverly tongue-in-cheek titled game continues the story of the “new kid” who moved to the mountain town in South Park: The Stick of Truth.


Where he joined the four main characters, along with their friends, warring in a role playing fantasy game for control of the titular Stick of Truth. As the kids played through the town, they stumbled on a malicious conspiracy involving the government/army, aliens, Nazi zombies, etc.

But damn, if it isn’t everything a South Park game should be! I felt my character was IN the town of South Park, not just playing a game which takes place in the Colorado mountain town. The animation style of the game was designed to create a South Park immersed experience. Which brings us to:


South Park
Where the Stick of Truth was a pseudo-fantasy RPG; as the characters were role playing as wizards; elves; knights etc. The Fractured But Whole will feature the South Park kids as their super hero alter egos (debuting in the thirteen/fourteenth season of the series): The Coon and Friends,

“The Coon” South Park – Season 13 Episode 2
The Coon began as a parody of Christopher Nolan’s Batman films. With Erik Cartman’s alter ego adopting the gruff voice Christian Bale’s Batman had in the films. The Coon and Mysterion (later revealed to be Kenny) arguing over which of the two “the hero this town needs” is. From Nolan’s The Dark Knight “I’m the hero this city deserves, but not the one it needs right now.” And doing the whole disappearing while a character is looking away and talking.

As expected of Cartman, he’s interested more in the fame and popularity; or lack thereof; that he believes The Coon should receive from “protecting” the town. When in fact, he’s just misguidedly harassing people. When the (hitherto unknown) Mysterion begins receiving admiration from the fourth graders, and the town’s people alike, Cartman plots to have his identity revealed by teaming up with Butters’ villainous persona Professor Chaos. The episode ends with Mysterion, The Coon, and Professor Chaos battling it out near the hospital Professor Chaos has threatened to blow up; as The Joker did in The Dark Knight.



Mysterion With The Coon and Friends

The storyline was continued in “Coon 2: Hindsight” in the following season, fourteen. In which Stan, Kyle, Timmy and others have also adopted superhero personas. Which is what was shown in the trailer for The Fractured But Whole, and who I imagine the “New Kid” will join in the game’s storyline against whoever he end up battling. If The Stick of Truth gives any indication of the level of antagonists we’ll face, such as:



Giant Nazi Zombie Aborted Fetus

South Park The Fractured But Whole will not disappoint. Not to mention Stone and Parker have a plethora of villains from the program’s history to choose from. I hope this game does as well as its predecessor, so that we’re treated to additional titles from the beloved series.

The only change I would like to see in The Fractured But Whole, is playability after the completion of the game, which The Stick of Truth, to my dismay; lacked. Don’t get me wrong, The Stick of Truth is The-Perfect-South Park-Game; and the quintessence of everything that is “South Park”. But there was little to do once the main storyline was completed. So make it happen Matt and Trey, I believe in you. Also, screw you guys, I’m-a goin’ home..