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Success from the Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR) launched a well-deserved franchise to appease us Star Wars extended universe fans! I’d grown tired of all the attention the Clone Wars were receiving, and hoped some of it would be aimed at a time in the series’s continuity where more than a few Sith existed at once. Dark Jedis hardly count, pick a side and stick to it, you indecisive bums!


Episode II: Attack of the Clones debuted in 2002 the focus of the series was easily identifiable in the overload of Clone Wars arcs being churned out. They are definitely worth the attention of any fan, and deserve their own praise in the Star Wars universe. Yet the majority of the books, TV shows, comics, and games were all produced about the same few years the Clone Wars lasted (2219 BBY), and some beyond till episode IV A New Hope (3 BBY). Undoubtedly an essential time in the saga. But there was so much more to cover! Particularly the time before 1000 BBY, when the Sith numbered in the thousands!! Before they grew careless in their folly, and were brought to their demise by the Sith Savior: Darth Bane. A character created by Drew Karpshyn, the man responsible for creating another essential Dark Lord of the Sith: Reven!


Which brings us to the Knights of the Old Republic, its sequel, and the MMO it spawned. The Old Republic was a time fraught with peril as the Sith Empire and Galactic Republic; led by the Jedi Knights; fought for dominion over the galaxy. With billions of lives at stake, the Jedi sought harmony, and to bring peace as close to perfection as allowable. Opposing them was the Sith Empire, who saw the entire galactic system as flawed, and wanted to recreate the pillars of society with a more Darwinian approach. This is what Karpshyn’s story gave us in KOTOR! A look into a time which existed a longer time ago, further in a galaxy far far away than Anakin, Luke, Han, and Jar Jar!

With the newest edition into the series: Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR; free to play since Nov 15, 2012), the feel of KOTOR is relived! Along with all an MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) game of today has to offer! The upgraded graphics and gameplay; an extensive number of character and weapon customizations; an ever increasing number of storyline, and of course all the other players who love and cherish Star Wars as much as myself!

Released two years shy of a decade from its predecessor, SWTOR allows you to choose from a slew of possible character storylines: Jedi Knight, Sith Warrior, bounty hunter, smuggler etc. And of course your path on either side of the Force: light or dark! As with the majority of open world games there are several in game outcomes, based on the decisions you make within your respective playthrough.

((I’ve personally gone with a Sith Inquisitor/Dark Side combo of the force as possible! Simply because I’ve always played the goody two shoes in KOTOR, Fallout, and others. I always mean to go back and play the other side, yet my mind wanders onto the next game. There’re simply too many good ones out there for me to get to em all!))